In the Name of the Family

Win a copy of In the Name of the Family by Sarah Dunant

To celebrate publication of Sarah Dunant’s thrilling new novel, In the Name of the Family, we’re giving away five copies in paperback. Three times Book of the Year, In the Name of the Family is ‘a stunning tale of power and family’ which confirms Sarah Dunant’s position as the leading novelist of the Renaissance and…

Lucrezia Borgia: A Bloodstain on the Canvas of History

An exclusive from Sarah Dunant Imagine history as an enormous pointillist painting, the whole swirling chaos of the past represented through millions of coloured dots. Close to, it makes little sense, but step back and your eye finds shape and meaning, an epic narrative that sets out to explore and explain the journey so far….

Read the prologue to In the Name of the Family by Sarah Dunant

Florence, January 1502   You couldn’t call him tall; he was barely an inch bigger than her, and wiry in stature. His soot- black hair was cut unfashionably close to his head and his face, broad at the eyes, tapered via a thin nose to a sharp clean- shaven chin. The word weasel had come to mind when they first…