Marriage by Susan Ferrier

Virago Modern Classic Book Club: Marriage by Susan Ferrier

We are leaping into our 2018 Book Club with a Virago Modern Classic ripe for rediscovery and championed by the brilliant Val McDermid: Marriage by Susan Ferrier.   Following two generations of women, Marriage, is a shrewdly observed, humorous novel by one of Scotland’s greatest writers.   ‘What have you to do with a heart? What has anybody…

Message From the Skies with Val McDermid & Susan Ferrier

Inspired by a line from Robert Burns’ poem Sketch New Year’s Day. To Mrs Dunlop (1790),Edinburgh’s Hogmanay and the Edinburgh International Book Festival commissioned bestselling author Val McDermid to write a short story, New Year’s Resurrection, which is being told in a series of chapters through projections and other art onto buildings and landmarks around Edinburgh throughout January….

Val McDermid’s Five Scottish Women Writers Everyone Should Read

On 28th December, Virago publish Marriage by Susan Ferrier. First published in 1818, this sharply observed, comic novel is ripe for rediscovery. Bestselling author Val McDermid is a great advocate and has written an exclusive foreword for the new edition. Here she shares five Scottish women writers she believes everyone should read, including both Susan…