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Fifty Shades . . . of Feminism

Everyone’s talking about Fifty Shades again this week.* We can only assume they’re celebrating our recent paperback release of Fifty Shades of Feminismthe seminal, eye-opening, downright essential collection of short takes on feminism today!

Is being a woman all about submitting to desire?  There are many more shades than that . . . and here are fifty women to explore them, including everyone from Margaret Atwood to Jeanette Winterson, our iconic Publisher Lennie Goodings to Pussy Riot, Shami Chakrabarti to Natasha Walter.

Below are some short words of wisdom from the book for you to enjoy: just a few of the many, brilliant, ever-multiplying shades of feminism which have inspired us.

Arendt Thinking card
De Beauvoir card

Luxemburg cardEliot cardMorrison card* If you must, the #FiftyShadesDarker trailer is here.