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Can We All Be Feminists?

Bread and Roses Award for Radical Publishing, 2019

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9780349009889

Price: £11.99

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‘A map for how feminism can move forward inclusively’ (GRAZIA), featuring essays by writers including Brit Bennett, bestselling author of The Vanishing Half, and Afua Hirsch, bestselling author of Brit(ish)

Black Lives Matter * Trans Rights * Sex Workers’ Rights * Body Positivity * Disability Rights * Immigration * British Muslims * Intersectionality * Latinx Identity * Colourism

How can we make feminism more inclusive?

In Can We All Be Feminists? seventeen writers from diverse backgrounds wrestle with this question, exploring what feminism means to them in the context of their other identities. Edited by the inspiring activist and writer June Eric-Udorie, this impassioned, thought-provoking collection offers a vision for a new feminism that is truly for all.

Including essays by: Soofiya Andry, Gabrielle Bellot, Caitlin Cruz, Nicole Dennis-Benn, Brit Bennett, Evette Dionne, Aisha Gani, Afua Hirsch, Juliet Jacques, Wei Ming Kam, Mariya Karimjee, Eishar Kaur, Emer O’Toole, Frances Ryan, Zoé Samudzi, Charlotte Shane and Selina Thompson.

‘As timely as it is well-written, this clear-eyed collection is just what I need right now’ Jacqueline Woodson, author of Red at the Bone

‘Not just a key read but a mandatory one’ STYLIST

‘The intersectional feminist anthology we all need to read’ BUSTLE

Shortlisted for the 2019 Bread and Roses Award for Radical Publishing


Can We All Be Feminists? reminds us just how often feminists have failed to listen. . . . [and] how feminism has not been listened to
New York Times Book Review
The intersectional feminist anthology we all need to read . . . When June Eric-Udorie speaks up - it's time to listen
If you aren't already familiar with the writing of June Eric-Udorie, prepare to be blown away
Amid debates about the direction of the modern feminist movement, Can We All Be Feminists?, edited by June Eric-Udorie , presents new writing from 17 women on finding the right way forward, taking into account the intersections between different forms of prejudice
Laura Bates, Guardian, Five Books on How to Achieve Gender Equality
An incredible young female activist
Elle (UK) 'Meet ELLE's Female Activist of the Year: June Eric-Udorie'
In 20-year-old activist June Eric-Udorie's anthology, 17 women discuss feminism and the importance of intersectionality. This collection spans race, religion, disability and other domains of marginalisation. It also tackles the difficulty that some women have with identifying with feminism as a movement, utilising intersectionality as the tool to combat this
Huffington Post (10 Books To Make Your Feminism More Intersectional)
June is a passionate feminist activist [and] a powerful new voice in the blogosphere
A must-have for every feminist bookshelf
Edited by the amazing activist June Eric-Udorie, this is a call to arms for all feminists to take a good hard look at ourselves and think are we doing enough? Are we creating a feminism that embraces women marginalized by racism, ableism, homophobia, trans rights and beyond? With 17 writers including Emer O'Toole, Soofiya Andry and Afua Hirsch, this is not just a key read but a mandatory one
Stylist September Top Ten Books
Seventeen established and upcoming authors from diverse backgrounds tackle the big question the book poses and others like: why do so many women find it difficult to fully identify with feminism and why is intersectionality so important? From a hijab-wearing Muslim to a disability rights activist, the women (including Afua Hirsch and Aisha Gani) explore what feminism means to them in the context of their identity. Edited by 20-year-old feminist activist and writer June Eric-Udorie, the collection aims to provide a map for how feminism can move forward inclusively
June Eric-Udorie is a powerhouse . . . who has assembled a stellar lineup of writers, putting a bold challenge to the idea of a unified feminism
Book Riot