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OurShelves with special guest Lü Pin

Lü Pin

Lü Pin

OurShelves: Awakening with 吕频 Lü Pin

How do you say ‘Me Too’ in Chinese – when it’s banned on social media?

吕频 Lü Pin, Chinese feminist activist featured in Awakening by Rachel Vogelstein and Meighan Stone, talks to Lucy Scholes about her work challenging gender-based violence in a state without freedom of speech or protest. Through ingenuity, humour and sheer determination, she says, because ‘nobody’ – not even the Chinese government – ‘can control everything’. She remembers the first time she read something which taught her to be proud of being a woman; champions the pop star singing about domestic violence in China; and argues for the importance of anger in fighting her cause.


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On the nightstand – books that are currently on your bedside table

Betray the Big Brother: The Feminist Awakening in China by Leta Hong Fincher

On your mind – a recent article, podcast, film, series or song

Xiao Juan, a pop song about domestic violence in China by Tan Weiwei

On the shelf – one book that made you think about feminism in a new way

The Laugh of the Medusa by Hélène Cixous

On the pedestal – tell us about one person (woman or non-binary) you admire

Xianzi, a Chinese activist of the MeToo movement

Tune in next time for more conversation about books, feminism and culture.

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