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Michael Moorcock

On This Day: Doctor John Dee

We find ourselves in conflicted times – Manichean days, where battle lines are routinely drawn and in all walks of life, it seems, we must choose: are you with us, or agin us? Are you Left or Right? Capitalist or communist? Leave or Remain? And nowhere is this seen more starkly than in the relationship […]

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Gateway Essentials: Douglas Hill

Douglas Arthur Hill was a Canadian science fiction author, editor and reviewer. Born in Brandon, Manitoba, in 1935, the son of a railroad engineer, he was raised in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. He studied English at the University of Saskatchewan, where he earned an Honours BA in 1957, and at the University of Toronto. Hill moved […]

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Gateway Essentials: Barrington J. Bayley

It being the case that Barrington J. Bayley passed away on this day in 2008, we thought that that we’d do our bit to keep his memory alive by  presenting his Gateway Essentials titles. It may be an overstatement to refer to Bayley as one of British SF’s ‘forgotten authors’ but certainly he’s not as […]

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Happy Birthday, Rachel Pollack!

Today, Gateway wishes a very happy to birthday to SF writer, comic book writer and expert on divinatory tarot, Rachel Pollack, born in Brooklyn in 1945. Highly regarded for her influence on the women’s spirituality movement and on women’s SF, Rachel Pollack is probably best-known to SF fans for her novel Unquenchable Fire, which won […]

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Happy Publication Day 30th June 2016!

Today, we publish two titans of fantasy. Both are authors of classic tales and unforgettable characters, with long-running series under their belts. These are two names we have all grown up reading, so we are very excited about publishing them together today. They are, of course, Michael Moorcock and Stephen R Donaldson. The King’s Justice […]

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Christmas Reads for Urban Fantasy Fans

Does Urban Fantasy seem like a total mystery to you? Not sure what to get for your friends and family who love a good Urban Fantasy reads? Don’t worry, we’ve got 10 books that will ensure you gift them the best in the genre!   Foxglove Summer by Ben Aaronovitch In the fifth of his […]

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On This Day: Barrington J Bayley Died

Thanks (once again) to the wonders of The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction‘s excellent On This Day function, we can tell you that Barrington J. Bayley passed away on this day in 2008. It may be an overstatement to refer to Bayley as one of British SF’s ‘forgotten authors’ but certainly he’s not as prominent in […]

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Cover Reveal: The Whispering Swarm

We are delighted to reveal the cover for THE WHISPERING SWARM, the first new novel from Michael Moorcock in nearly a decade. Michael Moorcock returns to the city of his childhood and one of his most successful recurring themes: London.  Set post-Second World War, in a city desperately trying to get back on its feet, THE […]

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Gollancz to publish first major Michael Moorcock novel in almost ten years

Gollancz is delighted to announce the acquisition of UK and Commonwealth rights to THE WHISPERING SWARM and two sequels by Michael Moorcock.  Named by The Times as one of the best English writers since 1945, the influential writer has won comparisons to, among others, Charles Dickens, James Joyce, Ian Fleming and J.R.R. Tolkien. In his […]

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The eagle-eyed among you have probably noticed that our four Home Page spotlights are unchanged from last week. This is because, we feel that a week is just too little time to express our huge admiration for the man who almost single-handedly reinvented modern fantasy – through his wonderful Eternal Champion concept, in general, and […]

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December New Releases: We’ve Got ELRIC! and HEINLEIN! And LEIBOWITZ!

Truly, the Lords of Chaos and Order do battle upon the spheres of SF Gateway, ever shifting the balance this way and then that. Or, as some would have it: there’s good news and bad news. And good news. Possibly. Wait. What? OK. First, the good news: we have a tranche of almost forty new […]

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Gollancz Editors’ Favourite Masterworks: Marcus

As we move into the festive period and its seasonal agony of indecision over what gifts to give our loved ones, we thought we’d offer to help by inviting the Gollancz editorial team to tell us about their favourite SF or Fantasy Masterworks. First up: Marcus Gipps . . . Riddley Walker is one of […]

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