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Lavie Tidhar

2 Jokes in Binary

I picked 2 this year because I thought, a) I won’t have to write a really long list of sandwiches this time, and b) I could just make it a list of binary jokes. Turns out there really aren’t very many binary jokes… 1. What’s the difference between 00110110 and 00100110? 11001011! 10. You see, […]

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FantasyCon 2015: Hodderscape Authors and Activities

FRIDAY 3.00 – John Connolly (guest of honour) will be helping to oversee the opening ceremony. Conference Theatre. 4.20 – Scott K. Andrews will be reading from Second Lives, the sequel to TimeBomb. Suite 4a. 5.00 – Rebecca Levene will be a panelist on the Writing a Franchise panel (which also features Brandon Sanderson). Conference […]

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The Gibberings Of A Frenzied Ego

No, friends and neighbours, I’m not talking about me but about someone whose verbal attacks on a writer colleague have reached such an irrational crescendo that I feel that a stand has to be taken. The writer in question is Lavie Tidhar, who I’ve met a few times (we have the same agents) and with […]

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