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Discworld collector’s library

Cover Reveal! The Colour of Magic &The Light Fantastic

Ever since we announced the existence of the Discworld Collector’s Library, we’ve been consistently asked two things: 1. Will the books after Jingo be published in this style? and 2. Can we see the cover for The Colour of Magic? We’ve recently answered Question 1 by way of an update to the announcement (repeated below) […]

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The Discworld Collectors Library is Here!

I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU, BUT I COULD MURDER A CURRY. For a generation of readers, text rendered in all caps has meant one of two things: either someone is shouting on the internet or the Discworld’s favourite personification of an abstract concept is making a characteristically pithy pronouncement. Guess which one we’re talking about? […]

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Friday Reads: A Terry Pratchett special

In celebration of our Discworld announcement this week, we’ve done a round-up of Gollancz’s favourite Terry Pratchett books for our Friday Reads. Enjoy! The Discworld Collector’s Library starts publishing in November, so still a small window to catch up on all your favourite Pratchett works. Enjoy! Darren My favourite Discworld book is still, after all these […]

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