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Chapter Four

Son of the Morning: Chapter Four

This week we’ve got the final chapter in our part-serialization of Son of the Morning to share with you. If you missed our previous posts you can catch up with prologue and chapter one, chapter two  and chapter three. Return to Mark Adler’s glorious world of angels and devils. Click here to read Son of the Morning Chapter Four. Son […]

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Moon’s Artifice: Chapter Four

Tom Lloyd’s brilliant new fantasy series has kicked off with Moon’s Artifice, which published last week. We recently sent it out to our Gollancz Geeks so we’re looking forward to seeing what you guys make of it. If you’ve missed the previous chapters, fear not, you can catch up on chapter one, chapter two and […]

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On the Steel Breeze: Chapter Four

The fantastic On the Steel Breeze by Alastair Reynolds is out this week, and we are of course letting you into a little more of his world. We have an extract from chapter four below – and you can read the rest on Thursday when it’s out! To read the extract, just click here.

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Wolfhound Century: Chapter Four

It’s time for chapter four of our book of the month, Wolfhound Century by Peter Higgins. Although the chapters are short, they are perfectly formed to deliver you one of our fine debuts… Chapter 4   A messenger was standing near the back exit of the Sviatopolk, white-faced, gripping his bicycle. Kantor dragged the machine out of […]

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CHAPTER FOUR: BLACK DOW  The stable doors shut with a bang like a headsman’s axe, and it took all of Calder’s famous arrogance not to jump clean in the air. War meetings had never been his favourite style of gathering, especially ones full of his enemies. Three of Dow’s five War Chiefs were in attendance […]

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Songs of the Earth- Chapter Four: Gatekeeper

Chapter Four: Gatekeeper Masen breathed out slowly. His breath curled into steam on the frosty air and disappeared into the bare branches of the trees around him. He had to be careful now, not make the slightest sound, or his quarry would hear him, despite the chatter of the stony river. The stag’s hearing was […]

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