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bioshock 2

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Realise that I have been negligent of late, so here’s a little bundle of updates. The Ascendant Stars continues on its trajectory towards the supreme paperyness of transcendant bookhood! – ie, I just completed my […]

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Seeds Of Earth Review @ NextRead – And Other Matters

Slightly after the fact, having just picked up on it via my agents’ website, Zeno, this review at the NextRead site, saying some nice things – Also, just to remind all of you good […]

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Bioshock – Further Thoughts

(Music – Invisigoth; Politics – Mr Angry; Health – raging headcold, AKA Man-Flu!)   After my previous ramblings about Bioshock, another key aspect (of this game and First Person Shooters in general) came to mind, […]

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