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On the tenth day of Christmas…

It’s the first day back at work in Gollancz towers today, so let’s celebrate with a quick peek into the future at the three amazing debut authors coming up this year – and three new projects from familiar faces, to delight you*. Gollancz is thrilled to welcome Michael J. Ward to the list, with the […]

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Moon and Avatar

Adam Roberts has this theory (Adam forgive me if I misrepresent you in précis) – SF has become a genre whose meaning is conveyed most powerfully in its imagery. By which, for the sake of this piece, and for better or worse, we mean cinema (and yes I know TV gave us Battlestar Galactica, X-Files, […]

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AVATAR 3D at the Glasgow IMAX

Okay, I tried to avoid the hooplah and gobbets of studio PR that sloshed its way around the Meeja, puffing AVATAR as a B*I*G  D*E*A*L, before heading off with SuperSusan to see the movie itself a few days ago (and thereby encountering a few of the chaps from the Glasgow Writers Circle, including the mightyJim Campbell and the equally […]

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