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Our Top Ten LGBTQ+ SFF Icons

  Divas. Heroes. Icons. Whatever you call them, they’re found in every community: individuals who inspire and captivate, who break barriers and shine like a guiding light in the darkness, who act as touchstones for their fans. We stan. Like, by definition even! And nobody stans like LGBTQ+ fans of science fiction and fantasy. We […]

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My favourite SFF Christmas films

When it comes to Christmas traditions I have found that every family has their own. Mine have changed quite considerably since I moved to the UK. Like every good European I still celebrate and exchange gifts at midnight on Christmas Eve, but have come to give a lot of importance to the meal on Christmas […]

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Space is for Everyone Week: Space Movies to Get You in the Mood for Record of a Spaceborn Few.

The time has finally come guys. You can stop trying to build your time machine*, cross off that final day on the calendar and rest easy in the knowledge that… RECORD OF A SPACEBORN FEW IS PUBLISHED TOMORROW and we’re celebrating with SPACE MOVIES. That means it’s also the first day of Space is For […]

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Pickwick’s Picks

Alien Queen Funko Because powerful women inspire us. Shop: Forbidden Planet    Saga Volume 7  The new volume of Saga has arrived. We do not read these so much as inhale them. Shop: Forbidden Planet   A moon lamp Simply stellar. Shop: Etsy   American Werewolf in London t-shirt Last Exit To Nowhere does the coolest […]

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Friday Favourites: things we read and watched in March

Logan The third and last movie in the Wolverine franchise is in my opinion the best X-Men film yet and one of the best films yet in the Marvel Universe, period (my other favourites being Captain America: Winter Soldier, and Captain America: Civil War, Iron Man 1 and Guardians of the Galaxy). It benefits from […]

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Friday Favourites: things we read and watched in January

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Almost a decade late, I finally made it past the first arc of the animated Star Wars spinoff series, The Clone Wars. There are many reasons I never got on with the series on previous attempts: the borderline cutesiness of the first batch of episodes; the protagonist Ahsoka’s thoroughly Disney […]

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Science fiction and fantasy films we’re most excited to see in 2017

The gods of science fiction and fantasy have been kind to us this year.

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Our favourite films of 2016

Here are the films Hodderscape couldn’t get enough of this year – tell us your favourites in the comments! Ghostbusters I wasn’t hugely into the original Ghostbusters, but a bunch of women thrashing around New York in jumpsuits was always going to grab my attention. Kate McKinnon obviously stole the show, and I now have […]

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The best characters without powers in science fiction and fantasy

1. Princess Leia from Star Wars Though the next two Episodes could still change everything for Leia Organa, no self-respecting list of powerful humans in science fiction could leave her off. Continually saving the butt of her Jedi brother and her rascal on-again-off-again boyfriend, Leia is a badass of the highest degree without ever tapping into […]

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Friday favourites: things we read and watched in November

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson Occasionally you have to embrace a ‘shame’ book that should have been read decades ago. This was one for me: ‘the greatest haunted-house story ever written’ according to the Wall Street Journal, it has been made into two well-known movies (both titled ‘The Haunting’).  Sadly the book […]

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