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Writer’s Anxiety: Characterisation

Anyone who’s read my facebook page will have noticed that I tend to rant on about politics – a lot. Well, I counter, we live in an age where what used to be called normal politics (where parties actually stood for different things rather than fine shades of the same thing) is becoming a distant […]

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Films and books – exploring parallel universes

We interrupt your normal Friday Reads with a special post.

Today Gollancz says farewell (for now) to Mark Stay who is off to have adventures in film making and become our future Robot Overlord! Mark is an integral part to the Gollancz Team and we’re going to miss him terribly. We also couldn’t be happier for him. Good luck, Mark!

Now, we’ll let Mark tell you a little but more books, films and robots! 


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Joe Abercrombie On Writing

Today we’re delighted to welcome Joe Abercrombie back to the Gollancz blog, to talk about writing! Writing You’d think this would be the bit a writer would enjoy, but I have to say I find producing the first draft pretty hard, if not to say occasionally soul-destroying work. On occasion you’re visited by the muse, and […]

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