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The Lord of the Rings

Happy Birthday . . . to Whom?

Today marks the birthdays of not one, but two figures who loom large over the landscape of modern fantasy literature.  It is no stretch to say that without them, the genre we know and love would be a very different beast. We’re talking pop-music-without-the-Beatles different. Physics-without-Einstein different. England-without-the-Norman-invasion different. So, who are these fantasy behemoths?  […]

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The Soddit- Chapter Two

We’re continuing our week long part-serialization of The Soddit. Put your hairy feet up, grab a mug of porter or a coffee from the pot on the hearth, maybe a seed cake or two, and settle down with the next chapter of  The Soddit here. (PDF)

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The Soddit – Chapter One

As The Hobbit begins his long awaited (and absolutely expected) journey to UK cinema screens, it’s the perfect time to revisit a Gollancz classic. The Soddit is Adam Roberts’ affectionate and hilarious parody of Tolkein’s much loved classic but don’t take our word for it. Put your hairy feet up, grab a mug of porter […]

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