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Michael Moorcock

More Moorcock

We apologised a little while ago, for the delay in bringing you the eBook editions of our fantastic definitive versions of the works of Michael Moorcock. We apologised for the delay, of course, but not for the extra care we’re taking to make sure we have the best possible eBooks available. A lot of work […]

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Michael Moorcock Suggested Reading List

SF Gateway Editorial Note: the following article was originally posted on the Gollancz blog and refers primarily to the print editions of the Michael Moorcock Collection. Unfortunately, the eBooks have proven to be more complicated than expected and will take longer to publish. As of the time of writing, we have eight eBooks available and […]

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Michael Moorcock Reading List

So we’ve had a few requests on twitter, facebook and by email to suggest a reading order for the Michael Moorcock Collection. As you may know, Gollancz is deeply proud to be publishing the (almost) complete genre works of Michael Moorcock, an author who has had an incalculable influence on many genres. Fantasy, SF, literary […]

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Readers’ Choice: The Fall of Chronopolis

This week’s Readers’ Choice selection comes from Friend of the Gateway and (clearly!) aficionado of great classic SF, Starman Dave. His choice is The Fall of Chronopolis by the criminally-under-appreciated Barrington J. Bayley**. The mighty ships of the Third Time Fleet relentlessly patrolled the Chronotic Empire’s thousand-year frontier, blotting out an error of history here […]

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Happy Birthday, Barrington J. Bayley

Thanks (once again) to the wonders of The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction‘s excellent On This Day function, we can tell you that seventy-six years ago today Barrington J. Bayley was born. It may be an overstatement to refer to Bayley as one of British SF’s ‘forgotten authors’ but certainly he’s not as prominent in the […]

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SF Gateway Welcomes Michael Moorcock!

After what seems a lifetime (waiting to publish a living legend is worse than relativity for messing with your perception of time!) but is in fact only about six months ago, we announced a comprehensive deal with Michael Moorcock to publish all of his SF & fantasy works in new, definitive editions. Today, we are […]

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So, You Mentioned Something About Michael Moorcock …

Why yes we did. Last autumn we announced the very exciting news that we would be publishing the legendary Michael Moorcock‘s complete SF/Fantasy oeuvre. And the time is fast approaching when we’ll see the first of The Michael Moorcock Collection – in print omnibus editions from Gollancz and individual eBooks from SF Gateway – and […]

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On This Day (26 Years Apart)

Gully Foyle is my name And Terra is my nation. Deep space is my dwelling place, The stars my destination. Ninety-nine years ago, today, Alfred Bester was born. You might recognise the verse above from his stunning SF classic, The Stars My Destination (initially titled Tiger! Tiger! in its UK edition), first published in 1956. Bester […]

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SF Gateway: the Week in Blog Posts

Here’s a chance to catch up on the week’s activity from the point of view of SF Gateway, our sister site devoted to classic science fiction. The start of the week was all about the Multiverse! Monday: Michael Moorcock is Coming to Gateway! Tuesday: Michael Moorcock eBook Launch Schedule  Wednesday was, of course, Hallowe’en: A […]

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Michael Moorcock eBook Launch Schedule

As promised in yesterday’s post, here is the launch schedule as it currently stands (warning: as with any publisher’s forward programme, this is subject to change!) for the first release of SF Gateway eBook editions of The Michael Moorcock Collection: Behold The Man Gloriana; or, the Unfulfill’d Queen The Chinese Agent The Russian Intelligence The Distant […]

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Michael Moorcock is Coming to Gateway!

A little while ago, the following press release was . . . er . . . released: Gollancz announces major new Michael Moorcock publishing project Gollancz has announced a major two-year publishing project to release the entire science fiction and fantasy back catalogue of Michael Moorcock in both print and eBook editions, as well as […]

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Gollancz to publish the definitive Michael Moorcock

Gollancz is to release the entire science fiction and fantasy back catalogue of Michael Moorcock, plus much of his literary fiction. The two-year publishing project will launch in February 2013, with publication of Moorcock’s last three Elric novels, Daughter of Dreams, Destiny’s Brother and Son of the Wolf. The programme will go on to bring […]

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