The #StoneMattress competition blog tour – WIN signed copies from Margaret Atwood

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Stone Mattress – nine wicked tales from the queen of invention, Margaret Atwood – is out now in paperback! To celebrate the mischief and imagination of the book, we’re launching a blog tour with a twist – and nine separate opportunities to win a copy signed by Margaret Atwood herself.

There are nine stops on the tour, and each one is themed around one of the nine tales – so, for example, for the tale ‘The Dead Hand Loves You’, about a student who unwittingly writes a horror masterpiece about a sentient hand, you could win a signed copy plus a nail varnish set. For ‘Alphinland’, about an aging writer of fantasy novels, you could win a signed copy plus a (bright yellow) fountain pen. For ‘Dark Lady’, about a pair of twins, you could win a twin-set of signed copies of the book – one for yourself, one to give to someone you like.

We will announce the full list of locations next week, but for now, this week’s stops are below. Enter them all to quadruple your chance of winning!


Tuesday 29 September – ‘The Dead Hand Loves You’ – win a signed copy and nail varnish set with The Writes of Woman

Wednesday 30 September – ‘Stone Mattress’ – win a signed copy and stromatolite fossil with Workshy Fop

Thursday 1st October – ‘Alphinland’ – win a signed copy and fountain pen with Elle Thinks

Friday 2nd October – ‘Dark Lady’ – win a twin set of two signed copies (one for you, one for a friend!) with Savidge Reads

TBC – ‘Revenant’ – win a signed copy and sleeping kit

TBC – ‘Lusus Naturae’ – win a signed copy and hand-mirror

TBC – ‘The Freeze-Dried Groom’ – win a signed copy and ice cream maker

TBC – ‘I Dream of Zenia with the Bright Red Teeth’ – win a signed copy and red agate necklace

TBC – ‘Torching the Dusties’ – win a signed copy and candle-holder


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