“Are you going to tell?” “Tell Martha? I won’t have to.”

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Clive and Martha have been together since they met at university;  they have a young daughter, Eliza. Their marriage appears serene and content, but when Eliza’s adored new piano teacher turns out to be a woman from Clive and Martha’s past, the enigmatic Eliot Fox, Clive becomes desperate to keep Eliot – and what she knows – away from his family.

With shades of Joanna Briscoe and Maggie O’Farrell and with an unstoppable, sinister momentum, Never Mind Miss Fox is a compelling tale of vengeance, justice, and what it actually means to make amends.

We’re very excited for this publication at the end of February and can’t wait to start talking about it with you all. In the meantime see what early reviewers have been saying…

The Spectator “She (Glazebrook) has the ability, like Anita Shreve or Maggie O’ Farrell, to scrutinise and describe complex family dynamics with forensic precision. . . a compelling, disconcerting book which lingers long after in the memory”

Stylist “an evocative and unsettling read, elegantly written”

Image Magazine “A beautifully composed story about seemingly casual cruelties which turn out to have unforgettable consequences”


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