Naomi Wolf has arrived in the UK

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Naomi Wolf has arrived in the UK and the controversy and excitement over her book, ‘VAGINA: A New Biography‘ has begun.

Jemima Lewis, The Mail on Sunday: `Naomi Wolf has tried hard to look at female sexuality as it really is, not as pop culture or political correctness would like it to be… The science of female arousal is complex and woefully neglected, and Wolf has done us all a favour by trying to drag it into the mainstream

Viv Goskrup, Independent on Sunday: `Wolf’s tome could not be better timed… at a time when Western women’s bodies have never been more highly politicised, the one person who might be able to shine a ray of light… has to be Wolf. Perhaps this history will do for 21st century activism what The Beauty Myth did for 1990s feminists… Wolf is exploring territory we haven’t heard about since Germaine Greer in the 1970s’

Sarah Vine, The Times: `worth respecting, even celebrating… there is [here] a very intriguing thesis about love… If you are one of those School of Cosmo feminists who has been arguing for decades that women should be more like men sexually… then Wolf’s take is genuinely revolutionary.’

Emma Brockes, The Guardian: `Part memoir, part cultural history and part scientific journey around women’s sexuality, the best elements of which illuminate how little women generally know about their own anatomy…

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