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Master the Beauty Lighting set up

An external flash unit is perhaps the single most versatile yet underused tool for amateur photographers. Photographer John Denton reveals how to achieve the flattering Beauty Lighting set up using one or two flashes.

One Light Flash by John Denton & Adam Duckworth
From One Light Flash by John Denton & Adam Duckworth. Photograph © John Denton


The classic Beauty Lighting set up

If the light source is moved directly in front of the subject then it will produce very flat and even lighting. It is very flattering for the subject, in that pores and imperfections are minimized, but this style does not reveal any character in the face and can result in a face appearing much fuller than in reality. Sometimes this look is produced with two flashes, one high and one low, so that the face is washed in light and no shadows are formed. This is also known as beauty lighting.

Using case studies, lighting set-up explanations, and tips and tricks from pro photographers, this book teaches you everything to know about using flash to improve your photography. From understanding the equipment and the science to learning how to put a shoot together, One Light Flash gives you all the advice and encouragement you’ll need to make the most of this powerful tool.

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One Light Flash coverOne Light Flash by John Denton & Adam Duckworth.

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