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Watching Alien with a 14 year old

This week’s What We’re Watching Wednesday has Simon introducing a modern teenager to a sci-fi horror classic… I’ve been waiting a long time, fourteen years in fact, to watch the Alien films with my eldest son. I sensed that Aliens might be the main event within the franchise for a teenager (perhaps because it remains […]

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Christmas reads: part two

Christmas is almost upon us! And while it’s cold indoors, it’s a perfect opportunity for a bit of reading. For me, that means cracking on with some of my most anticipated reads of 2013… DEAD EVER AFTER by Charlaine Harris has to come first. It’s the conclusion to the utterly phenomenal Sookie Stackhouse series, and […]

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Christmas reads: part one

This Xmas, I’m spending some time away from the office in a lovely house in the Lake District with my partner’s family, where I shall be, let’s be honest, a bit bored. So what better plan than to do what I normally do all of the time anyway, and read some genre stuff? I’m going […]

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Book presents for book lovers

As it is the time to give lovely things to the lovely people in your life, Gillian has come up with the ultimate gift guide for book lovers…  1)      I fell in love with this book the moment I saw it. Red leather, gold-edged pages, gold foil on the cover, and containing all seven novels […]

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10 reasons why Community is better than The Big Bang Theory

We just can’t let it go! The great Big Bang Theory debate rolls on. This week’s What We’re Watching Wednesday is conclusive* evidence that Community is better than The Big Bang Theory.  1.       The lack of studio audience laughter We know that Charlie has waxed lyrical about this already, but it cannot be reiterated enough […]

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Why I hate The Big Bang Theory

It’s the second of our new weekly feature, What We’re Watching Wednesday. Our launch peice last week on The Big Bang Theory sparked some debate around the office, and we thought it only fair to show two sides to the story. This week, Charlie tells us how he absolutely did not learn to love The Big […]

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George R.R. Martin and How I Learned to Love The Big Bang Theory

This Wednesday we’re kicking off the first of our weekly What We’re Watching Wednesday promotions. Wherein, once a week a member of Team Gollancz will share with you a TV show or film we can’t stop talking about. Whether it’s a hot new TV series, old genre favourite, classic film or hotly anticipated new release […]

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ManateePunk Untitled Volume 1 of 218

Steampunk is everywhere. Just how far can we take the legacy of Cyberpunk? Here’s a not exactly serious proposal for the next big somethingpunk. And why not let us know which somethingpunk you’d like (or hate) to see. ManateePunk Untitled Volume 1 of 218 Chapter 1 Upload Someone had Uploaded. She could sense the new […]

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Hailing Frequencies Open

This is a follow-up in some ways to the post I wrote on Mars and whether there’s room for inspiration in the cerebral spaces or whether we’ve become culturally dependent upon athletes as role models… Neil deGrasse Tyson may not be a name that’s familiar to you. If it’s not, though, IMHO it should be. […]

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To Tweet or Not To Tweet

Social Media is a wonderful thing. At last! A way in which we can all talk directly to each other. At last! A way in which people can communicate quickly and easily to say they loved something, to ask questions, and to get all the latest news. At last, as a friend pointed out to […]

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RIP Anne McCaffrey

Gollancz is very saddened to hear the news that Anne McCaffrey has died, aged 85. Her true achievement was her writing. Her books will be read and reread for years to come, as people grow up and are introduced to her deceptively-easy-to-read writing style and her astounding imagination. We all know of the Pern books, […]

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