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Jackson: The Worldwide Mass-Media Jacko Griefgasm

Let me put this as concisely as I can: for the mainstream mass media it’s not about reporting the news, its about framing specific events to maximise audience share and profitability. So no, I won’t be getting on board the Jacko Deathporn Rollercoaster, thankyou very much.

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Tory Leader Comes Clean: No Proportional Representation For The British People

To the practised enthusiast, high-flown political rhetoric is practically a smorgasbord of revelation. For example, David Cameron, the leader of the Conservative & Unionist Party (er, thats in Great Britain, by the way)(and I love using the words ‘Great Britain’ since you will never hear them come from the lips of an American politician, not […]

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Eastercon: Getting Psyched Up

Just to let you know that with just a coupla days till Eastercon I`m currently focussing heavily on the writing (including notes towards the project after Humanitys Fire). So there wont be a lot of blogging here until the Monday/Tuesday. But I would like to make mention of a couple of outstanding events which have […]

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SciFi or SyFy – A Masterclass In Dumbing Down

I have to say that this one is a doozy, a diamond triple-A example of how the tasteless marketing mavens who run our mass media can rip off their own covers, revealing their dead-eyed souls, with just a few words. The Sci-Fi Channel, well-known cable purveyor of media SF, has decided to rebrand itself in […]

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Why We Write: Describing The World Or Changing It

Motivations and reasons for writers doing what they do are plentiful. For many it is a driving compulsion for expression, exploration both inner and outer, and for understanding. For others, writing fiction is a way to propagate a world view, or some understanding already arrived at. For yet others, its a job of work,  a […]

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